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Images of New England captured in dramatic light and atmosphere

Screwing up the Pristine Scene…

Winter in New England conjures up romanticized scenes of perfect light snowfalls coating the trees, with a red barn and stone walls and large fields of unspoiled snow. Maybe a small stream runs Continue Reading

A special place that needs your help…

I mentioned in the last blog post that it would be difficult for me to get out much during the month of June, as a few good friends are getting married, and the camera would be fairly stagnant. That Continue Reading

A week away…

I am most certainly a morning person. I enjoy getting up early, before the sun and experiencing the stillness before the world wakes up. There is a fine serenity to listening to the birds while Continue Reading

Leaf out …

Leaf out is here in southern NH. The trees are now greening, and the flowering trees and shrubs are beginning to show off. Apples, lilacs, shadbush are about to explode into bloom. After nearly a Continue Reading

Spring Beauty!!!

It's been just about a week since I've gotten out to take pictures.  For me, that's an eternity, especially during wildflower season.  But...I'm excited to be getting married in about a week and a Continue Reading

Awakening Riverbanks…

Discovering new spots is always fun, especially when they are close to home.  I was driving home from a friends place earlier this week when I noticed a few trillium on a bank right next to the Continue Reading

Shooting in the Rain…

The forecast yesterday after work didn't pan out as I had hoped it would...and by quitting time it was pouring.  But, wildflower season is so short that I try to make every chance I get count, so Continue Reading

After Snowfall; Without Light…

Last blog post, I talked about the importance of both light to make the image work, and decision making to be at the right scene for the type of light.  Yesterday's big snows coated the trees, and Continue Reading

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