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Images of New England captured in dramatic light and atmosphere

Screwing up the Pristine Scene…

Winter in New England conjures up romanticized scenes of perfect light snowfalls coating the trees, with a red barn and stone walls and large fields of unspoiled snow. Maybe a small stream runs Continue Reading

Experimenting With Earl…

Shooting at iconic tripod holes is very easy, but getting a unique shot at one is the ultimate challenge. Yesterday I went to Portland Head Lighthouse, looking for an iconic shot during the Continue Reading

Predicting Mist / Fog … And Dealing With It!

One of the best ways to add depth and atmosphere to your images is to shoot in misty and foggy conditions. And people love foggy weather...at least on film. Mist rising off a lake or river, fog Continue Reading

Macro Practice…

I always get excited near wildflower season, as we go from the drab backdrop of mud season to color seemingly overnight.  Woodland flowers race to grow and bloom before the overhead canopy reduces Continue Reading

How to shoot a fox…

I would like to thank all of the followers of my photography and this blog for the great comments, questions and correspondence that I received in response to my series with the foxes at Carter Notch Continue Reading

Controlling the Light…

The greatest challenge that any nature photographer faces is trying to capture what they see in front of them in a medium that has its limitations. And since I began posting my photography on the Continue Reading

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