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Hurry Up … Wait … and Hurry Up!?

It’s been an odd spring so far. And one that I’ve not found much inspiration in…

Record heat in late March pushed the wildflowers out of the ground VERY early, and caused the trees to bud out way ahead of schedule. By April first, I had photographed Bloodroot, Hepatica, Spring Beauty and Arbutis, all well ahead of their historical norms.

Bloodroot in March

Bloodroot in March ... A Few Weeks Early After the Heatwave

Unfortunately for the plants and trees, as quickly as the heat came in, it left, and normal weather this time of year in New England means below freezing temperatures. Growth of leaves ground to a halt, and my garden has some serious frost damage. The forest floor responded in suit by slowing the progress of flowers, and we’re stuck in limbo.  It had been dry as well, which has lead to low stream and waterfall flow, and on windy (most) days…brush fires.  All this has made it tough to get out and shoot, and I don’t feel like I’m missing much out there!

The delay however, is going to make for a hectic end of the month in terms of shooting, as there will be no stagger in the wildflowers, waterfalls, flowering trees and bog growth. All things I hope to shoot, and wanted more time to spend with each.  Prioritization is going to have to depend on the conditions of the day when we get there…

Until then, I’m not expecting much in the way of photography until Late April. See you then!

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