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Leaf out …

Leaf out is here in southern NH. The trees are now greening, and the flowering trees and shrubs are beginning to show off. Apples, lilacs, shadbush are about to explode into bloom. After nearly a month of macro work, it’s finally time to think about wider landscapes again. My spring landscapes are usually divided into three subjects…streams and waterfalls, rural scenes with emerging greens, and bogs. Yup…bogs.

Why would anyone want to venture into the buggiest places in New England during the buggiest time of year? Because a lot of those bugs are there to pollinate, and many of the plants are uniquely adapted to take advantage of those bugs in their diets. The landscape is therefore rich with a combination of flowers, and oddities of the plant world.

Early Rhodora at the Bog...

Yesterday morning I made a trip to the Merrimack Valley area to try to shoot some of these scenes. I struck out with waterfalls, with water too low at Pulpit Rock. And if anyone finds a lens cap there…lemme know! But the bog…things are waking up, and very early this year.

Early Bog Laurel

Early Bog Laurel...

I keep harping on this idea of ‘early’. Checking records, in 2006, I shot hepatica at Adams point on May 5th. This year…the second week of April. Given this, I wasn’t surprised to see that the rhodora and bog laurel, which bloomed after the second half of May last year, were about to pop. Another week or so this place will be amazing. And I look forward to sharing it…

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