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Spring Beauty!!!

It’s been just about a week since I’ve gotten out to take pictures.  For me, that’s an eternity, especially during wildflower season.  But…I’m excited to be getting married in about a week and a half, and the final stages of planning for that has consumed much of my time and mind.  We planned to get married during flower season, so the limited time shooting was a known coming into the season.

I managed to sneak out to one of my favorite fertile floodplains along the Lamprey River this afternoon, and am amazed how much it has changed in the past year with all the flooding.  New sandbars and new silt have lead to an impressive change in the ecosystem, as plants that have struggled to grow in the past are in full bloom.  Most notable are the trillium and trout lilies, which I’ve never seen bloom there…despite numerous plants always growing.  Also growing in abundance is the artistic (and delicious) orpine.  Though not a plant with a showy flower, the geometry of the leaves makes it a fun subject to shoot. 

Things are certainly greening higher up in the forest canopy now too.  Soon I’ll be able to focus my attention on wider scenes.  Waterfalls with spring green are about a week away in Southern NH and about three weeks away up north.  Additionally, some of the more widespread blooms, which lend themselves to landscape shots, are coming in the next couple weeks.  You can read this as…I’ll be off the macro kick soon.  Until then…here’s some shots from today…

Spring Beauty I

Spring Beauty I


Spring Beauty II

Spring Beauty II




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  1. Chris Adams says:

    Jim, you just keep getting better and better!

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