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An Edutrip to the Summit of Washington…

If I could pinpoint a moment that I decided to take photography more seriously than just as a hobby was one beautiful June night, while working at the Mount Washington Observatory as an intern. The northern lights were putting on a show, and the night observer and I were trying to figure out how best to capture them, and I realized how much science there was in this form of art.

This week, I was given an opportunity to share how much I’ve grown since that night, and share it back at the place that was so formative of my passion. I was asked to lead an Edutrip in conjunction with the Mount Washington Observatory, a non profit organization dedicated to Observing the weather and educating the public about the arctic island in the sky that they are perched upon.

This trip was about the growth of the participants on the trip, so I’ll share a few of the pictures captured by Tracey Streeto, who has been honing her photography for just a few years now, and has been getting great results.

We arrived at the summit to record warmth, a far cry from my failed trip last year, and immediately went for a walk around the summit, taking pictures of each other in grand scenes. During the afternoon, scouting the sunset is important, as making sure you are in the best place, in the best light at sunset takes a bit of work and exploring before the light arrives.

A Rare Photo Of Me ... Modeling for the Group

A Rare Photo Of Me ... Modeling for the Group

After some class time, and a wonderful wine and cheese hour, we set out to revisit our favorite sunset compositions. The sky turned a glorious shade of pink, which reflected off the icy snowscape in the foreground, and everyone was treated to a unparalleled show from the highest peak.

Sunset from the Summit - Tracey Streeto Photo

Sunset from the Summit - Tracey Streeto Photo

Nightfall brought the best opportunities of the trip though, as the alignment of Venus and Jupiter set up right over the tower from the deck. I was transported right back to that first night when I became interested in photography. As I reflected…everyone else was experiencing their own formative moment. Such an enriching night…and a wonderful trip!

Planetary Alignment - Tracey Streeto Photo

Planetary Alignment - Tracey Streeto Photo

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