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Awakening Riverbanks…

Purple Trillium

Purple Trillium

Discovering new spots is always fun, especially when they are close to home.  I was driving home from a friends place earlier this week when I noticed a few trillium on a bank right next to the road.  When I returned today, I found a few nice specimens, and went to work.  It took me about a half an hour to shoot about 4 or 5 compositions, ensuring that everything that needed to be sharp was sharp.  The wind was the biggest issue, but depth of field is difficult on big flowers as well.  I’m really happy with the results. 

From there, I jumped down to a stream bank, and was amazed by what I saw.  HUNDREDS of red trilliums, intermixed with helebore and marsh marigolds lined the stream! 

Trillium Streambank

Trillium Streambank

I’d never seen anything like it.  Unfortunately, it was starting to get pretty dusky, and the light was low and flat.  I snapped a few quick snapshots, and hope to return a bit earlier tomorrow to see what I can’t piece together. 

Hoping for some better compositions, and we’ll post on here then!

3 Responses to “Awakening Riverbanks…”

  1. Chris Adams says:

    Hey Jim! These are fantastic! I hope you have great luck finding better light conditions here because they’re definitely worth a second, third and even more chance.

  2. Sue Kelly says:

    Wow, unbelievable! I’m tempted to start stalking you, just to find these babies! All right, I won’t, but let’s see more of them son!

  3. Sue Kelly says:

    That’s soon, not son – fat fingers.

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