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Top 10 Photos of Twenty Twelve

The celebration of the New Year is an arbitrary event in the grand scheme, but one that has taken on great cultural importance as a moment of pause, reflection and revision. We can bid farewell, or perhaps good riddance to 2012, and welcome 2013 with new hopes, dreams and visions.

In the review of my photography from this past year to put together this ‘Top Ten Blog,’ I began to realize that my favorite images from the past year were also some of the most peaceful, quiet and serene moments that I personally experienced. Twenty twelve was a chaotic year, with disasters and tragedy that hit far too close to home, and my time spent ‘working’ on my photography provided a opportunity for balance, contemplation and perhaps temporary escape.

It’s my sincere hope that some of the peace and serenity that I felt while capturing these images is conveyed to you when viewing my images.

The Top Ten of 2012, in Chronological Order…

#1: Frigid Bridge…North Conway, NH
After shooting sunrise from an overlook a few miles away, I moved down to the river, where mist was rising thick that morning. Temperatures hovered in the negative single digits, but the sun adds a warm glow to this otherwise cold scene.

Mist Below the Bridge...

#2: Sunset From Owls Head…Jefferson, NH
I was initially disappointed that my second sunset hike up to Owls Head in less than a month ended without alpenglow on the distant ranges, but the light after sunset really lit up the sky above the Presidential Range. This remains one of my favorite views of the western slopes of Washington.

Owl's Head After Sunset...

#3: Mount Washington Hotel at Dusk…Bretton Woods, NH
I had set up my camera to capture a panorama from Bethlehem, NH, but the light never came. This vantage from Bretton Woods was plan ‘B’ for the evening, but turned out to be the far best option, and some great conditions during blue hour!

Blue Hour, Mount Washington Hotel...

#4: Pile of Tired Kits…Connecticut River Valley, NH
I was fortunate to spend an entire day at a fox den this spring, observing the behavior of the kits as they played, wrestled and slept. Mostly slept. It’s the first time I enjoyed watching ‘fox snooze’…

Pile of Tired Kits...

5: First Stretch…Undisclosed Lake, Southern NH
I grow less and less fond of the summer heat every year, and have put aside my love of hiking for some time in the kayak the past few summers. The loons in New England have been having decreasing success fledging chicks, but this family was successful this year with BOTH!

First Stretch

#6: Summer at Portland Head…Cape Elizabeth, ME
The forecast for a departing storm, high tide and large waves drew me to this New England iconic location in late June. The sun rises far enough north on the horizon to light up ‘the other side’ of the view from the classic shots here…and I really liked hot the sun lit up the cliff face!

Summer Glow at Portland Head Lighthouse

#7: Into the Northern Light…Chocorua, NH
Originally, I preferred another shot from this special night mid summer when the Aurora danced overhead, but this shot of the car heading towards the light grew on me. I wonder if they even knew…

Into The Northern Light

#8: Sugarloaf Reflection…Zealand, NH
Nothing better than a cool misty morning in autumn, watching the color light up on distant peaks. Perhaps my favorite morning of the year…

Sugarloaf Reflection

9: Iron Mountain Autumn Pano…Jackson, NH
A light snowfall coated the highest peaks of the White Mountains, while peak foliage blazed below. I used to live at the other end of this road, and had long dreamed of conditions like this…I was thrilled that they all came together this morning.

Iron Mountain Autumn Pano

10: Christmas in New Hampshire…Stark, NH
I’ve learned that Christmas Lights look their best both when it’s snowing, and during blue hour, which is a misnomer, as the blue light really only lasts for about 20 minutes. Nonetheless, everything came together for me a few days ago at one of the most quintessential New England villages. Capturing this made the 250 mile round trip in the storm more than worth it!

Christmas in New Hampshire

Thanks for following along with me this year, and I’m very much looking forward to new work and new experiences in twenty thirteen!

Happy New Year!

Note: Higher resolution images can be found on my Facebook page…

4 Responses to “Top 10 Photos of Twenty Twelve”

  1. Ellen says:

    I find all of your photos to be very beautiful but my favorite by far is the one of Stark, perhaps because I love winter and Christmas! Thanks so much for sharing your love of NH and NE with all of us, we are indeed fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the world.
    Happy New Year!!

  2. Dave Delay says:

    Wonderful selection of images, Jim. It’s interesting there are no wildflowers in the mix this year. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’m just a bit surprised.

    Wishing you all the best.

  3. Betty Pauwels says:

    Jim honestly it has to be a real chore picking only 10 photos. there are so many favorites. Awesome photography…looking forward to 2013.

  4. Kari Post says:

    These are awesome and super inspiring. I need to get out more!

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