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Top 10 Photos of Twenty Twelve

The celebration of the New Year is an arbitrary event in the grand scheme, but one that has taken on great cultural importance as a moment of pause, reflection and revision. We can bid farewell, or Continue Reading

Watched Fox Snooze All Day…

I was afraid that I was going to again strike out this year. It's been a few years since I've had the chance to photograph a fox den, and I was having a terrible time finding one this year. Continue Reading

Camping at Lake Umbagog…

I am largely a three season hiker. Probably not in the typical sense of the word though. My hiking season begins in early fall, and continues right through when the leaves fill out on the trees. Continue Reading

Screwing up the Pristine Scene…

Winter in New England conjures up romanticized scenes of perfect light snowfalls coating the trees, with a red barn and stone walls and large fields of unspoiled snow. Maybe a small stream runs Continue Reading

The Allure of Alpenglow

One of the things that I've set as a goal this year is to work on my control of midday light. It's a style of photography that many have found success in, and I can't seem to come away from with Continue Reading

Top 10 Shots of 2010…

We've reached the end of 2010 and that means a look back at the year in photography.  This year, I set out some goals at the beginning of the year for myself, and for the most part, I'm pretty Continue Reading

Weeks State Park…

Autumn has arrived! I just spent a few days roaming around Northern New Hampshire, where peak foliage has arrived right on time. The weather was gorgeous for just about the whole weekend, which Continue Reading

Morning at Greenleaf Hut…

While planning for my hike to Mount Lafayette last week, I was pleased to discover we have reached an arbitrary milestone in the progression of the seasons. The sun now rises after 6AM, which makes Continue Reading

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