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A week away…

I am most certainly a morning person. I enjoy getting up early, before the sun and experiencing the stillness before the world wakes up. There is a fine serenity to listening to the birds while watching the mist rise off a pond, and feeling the first rays of sun of the day. I’ve also recently reflected upon the fact that I am very in tune to the first breath of wind of the day as well. It’s something that I’ve grown to enjoy, despite the fact that in the spring, I usually despise what the wind does to my subjects…

This morning, I was treated to an extended period of time before the wind came up, and it allowed for some fine macro shots of subjects that are usually bobbing in the breeze. Take this back-lit hobblebush…one of my favorite wild shrubs in any time of year, but especially fine in spring green and flower. Such beauty in a simple plant.

Backlit Hobblebush...

Backlit Hobblebush...

The morning is my time, which works out well in my relationship. My fiance is NOT a morning person, allowing me to get up, shoot, and come home and still have time to make her breakfast. The evenings are her time. It’s a good balance…one of many that we’ve struck in our relationship. I bring this up, as I won’t be around to shoot for the next week or so, as I will be getting married this weekend. A new journey, beginning in the beauty of spring, with my best friend.

Back in a week!

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