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Thanks for the Warning…

It always happens that as I put on the radio in the wee hours of the coldest morning of the year, I'm bombarded with the message that it's just simply too dangerous to go outside. That message Continue Reading

The Allure of Alpenglow

One of the things that I've set as a goal this year is to work on my control of midday light. It's a style of photography that many have found success in, and I can't seem to come away from with Continue Reading

Goal Setting in 2011

I've been told that you have a much better chance of success in achieving goals if you take time to write them down. Posting them in a public place can add even more encouragement (or pressure). So Continue Reading

Macro Practice…

I always get excited near wildflower season, as we go from the drab backdrop of mud season to color seemingly overnight.  Woodland flowers race to grow and bloom before the overhead canopy reduces Continue Reading

Backing up and looking forward…

Mud season is a tough time for the nature photographer. Conditions are varied, ever changing, and rarely 'classically beautiful.' Throw in the heavy rain and flooding of the past week, and well, I Continue Reading

Spring on my Mind…

Well, it's good to be back at my computer after a prolonged power outage last week. The remainder of vacation week did not allow me to accomplish many of my shooting goals, as the weather really Continue Reading

After Snowfall; Without Light…

Last blog post, I talked about the importance of both light to make the image work, and decision making to be at the right scene for the type of light.  Yesterday's big snows coated the trees, and Continue Reading

Ice Sculptures…

Often when I go to bed the night before a morning of shooting, I don't know exactly where I'm going to go. I spend a great deal of time trying to figure out the best location given the conditions I'm Continue Reading

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