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Fall Seacoast Shoot…

With the foliage gone, I tend to shoot seascapes until the snows come. Newcastle Common is a great spot to visit, and I have a shot of the sculpture there from last year that I’m particularly proud of.  There’s another shot I dream of from there though…

If conditions are ever right…the air cold, and the sky clear…the water will be misting and provide a great perspecive on Portsmouth Lighthouse with clean backgrouds of vapor across the harbor to Maine.  Hasn’t happened yet…and today was no exception…

A group of photographers from the New Hampshire Flickr Group met in Newcastle, NH at sunrise.  We tried to shoot the Common, but found it locked, so we moved to Fort Stark. 

After navigating some very slick rocks at low tide, I made it to a high rock above the tideline, looking down on the occasionally crashing sets of waves. 

A 0.6 Second exposure was made possible by a ND filter, a polarizer, and a Grad over much of the ocean and sky. 

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