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South Central New Hampshire Falls…

Looking to explore some areas I’ve been ‘digitally scouting’, I met up with Tim Somero this morning at Senter and Tucker Brook Falls in the Milford area of New Hampshire.  The light was perfect for small brook scenes, and we lingered until the rain and snow began. 

These falls are in strikingly different ecosystems than I’m used to shooting either in the Whites or the seacoast.  Lots of laurel low to the ground, lots of birch and beech near the streams to give great leaf littered foregrounds. Just a fun shoot, with great results!

This shot is of Tucker Brook Falls, with some leaf litter floating by in the water.  The long exposure accounts for the streaks.  In the spirit of full disclosure, I cannot guarantee that the leaves are all naturally occurring…

I also swung up to Hillsborough on the way home, and shot a few of the Stone Arch Bridges there.  I’m completely in awe of these structures…as there is no mortar holding these together…just physics and craftsmanship!  I hope to go back this winter!


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