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Unfortunate Hiatus …

My drive to capture the beauty of New England is the result of my desire to share my view of the natural world. This autumn though, compromise had to be made between needs and wants. I wanted terribly to be out shooting, and sharing the autumn transition with the world, but I took a new teaching position for this fall, and the adjustment took its toll on my free time. The job has been a great fit, and life is settling down now, so I hope to be able to post more often, and get back to a reasonable updating schedule.

In getting back, I feel the need to catch up. This autumn I focused on getting a few key shots. The number of new shots that I have to add to my portfolio will be limited, but I have am pleased with the shots I have from locations I long wanted: Pine Mountain and Chocorua Lake.

Pine Mountain is a mountain at the northern end of the Presidential Range, and has numerous rocky outcroppings to view Mount Washington, Mount Madison and Pinkham Notch from. It’s an easy hike, and the rewards are unbelievable, not only for the views, but for the sense of place and time. Gouges remain in the rock ledges preserving the motion of the last ice age, and hawks and eagles kettle overhead before their trip through the notches on the journey south. I made a few predawn hikes to this location, and finally came away with a clear sunrise, with some alpenglow on the summits and blazing foliage below.

Sunrise on Pine Mountain...

Sunrise on Pine Mountain...

Taking in the View From Pine Mountain...

Taking in the View From Pine Mountain...


The other ‘bucket list’ shot that I finally got this fall is a misty sunrise over Chocorua Lake at peak foliage. This point is one of the most photographed views in the White Mountains, and one that is extremely temperamental in terms of light and wind. I’ve been there close to a dozen times in autumn over the years to get this exact shot, and have always been foiled. And on this day, I was almost again as the breeze picked up about half an hour before sunrise. Fortunately, the it fell off as the sun rose, and allowed for a great hour of shooting.

The Chocorua Bridge...

The Chocorua Bridge...

Pano of Chocorua Sunrise...

Pano of Chocorua Sunrise...


Other trips to the Whites this fall included shots of snow-kissed Mount Washington, and some fine waterfall opportunities. I’ll be updating the website, and sharing some here and on Facebook in the coming weeks.

Memories of these shots, and other autumn shots will have to last until the first snows now. Color has been stripped from the landscape, lingering only as berries in the marshes. But we’re not long now from a blanket of White, and I hope to have the time to capture and share it when it arrives.

Thanks for your patience, and for coming back to read!

2 Responses to “Unfortunate Hiatus …”

  1. Ted Jerome says:

    Wow–those are terrific photos, Jim!

  2. Karl Searl says:

    Jim, glad to hear your settling into your new job well. Your shots of Chocorua are incredible. The colors are amazing. Looking forward to your upcoming updates!


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