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Weeks State Park…

Autumn has arrived!

I just spent a few days roaming around Northern New Hampshire, where peak foliage has arrived right on time. The weather was gorgeous for just about the whole weekend, which made the hikes and drives extremely enjoyable, even though the light didn’t always go as planned.

Last night provided the best light and my best series of images. I hiked up Mount Prospect in Weeks State Park for sunset, and was treated to great light on the surrounding mountains.

I took off up the auto road at about 5PM for a 6:30 sunset. The road is gated late afternoon, but it’s an easy walk on easy grades. Given the perfect weather, I was surprised to have the place to myself…that was until a moose crashed out of the woods about 25 yards from me. It was a young bull, and it was staring me down. Now, it may look and sound crazy, but in these situations, I find it best to talk to the moose. So I did…and the tension decreased. And he started up the road. So I followed. For about a half a mile we had a chat as we walked, until a family coming down spooked it off into the woods.

Taking a walk with my new friend...

Taking a walk with my new friend...

By this point the light was changing, so I switched focus to the sunset. The view from the east outlook is tremendous…from the Kilkenny, centered on the Presis, over to the Pemi. And all of it began to glow as the low light accentuated the autumn colors.

The East Overlook - Weeks State Park

The East Overlook - Weeks State Park

Right before the light dipped behind some clouds right on the horizon the light was most intense. The Kilkenny Ridge, a by day a mottled sea of hardwoods in various autumn colors was ablaze in bright red. Mount Washington, a bit further distant had a bit more blue haze, and the lowlands were dotted with wetlands, softwoods, villages and color. A beautiful scene!

Intense Autumn Light and Color - Weeks State Park

Intense Autumn Light and Color - Weeks State Park

Plenty more pictures to share…time will limit updates through October…

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  1. Chris Adams says:

    Hey Jim! Wow, the color is just sooooo nice! Great capture and the moose was the icing on the cake. They are sooooo funny looking from the backside, aren’t they?

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