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Goal Setting in 2011

I’ve been told that you have a much better chance of success in achieving goals if you take time to write them down. Posting them in a public place can add even more encouragement (or pressure). So here we are, 2011, and a fresh set of four seasons to explore the wilds of New England, learn about the ecosystem, and share my views of it all. 

No goal sheet can begin without stating the purpose of my artistic drive. I have a passion for experiencing and learning about the natural world, and capturing the most dramatic conditions possible.  To do so, I want to continue to challenge myself to experience the landscape with a unique perspective!

A unique perspective at Pittsfield's Balloon Rally
A unique perspective at Pittsfield’s Balloon Rally

Thanks to Larry Fay for the shot from last year!

This year, I hope to focus more on the Presidential Range, as it’s where I got my start in photography, and no other location inspires me more. I love the light it captures, the terrain on the slopes, and the diversity through elevation. I dream someday of publishing a book on the range, and need a more complete body of work. Some of the shots I hope for this year include…sunrise from Mount Hight, Sunrise from Mount Adams, Sunrise from Mount Clay, and Sunset from Pierce. I also need a quintessential Tuckerman Ravine shot in both summer and winter. And I haven’t shot the alpine flowers in June in a few years…and I miss it! That should keep me busy.

With the unpredictability of the weather on the range, I simply must have other goals that provide easier access for changing conditions. Bogs hope to be a continued focus. A sunrise at Saco Heath, in both spring and fall would be nice. Coastlines don’t inspire me the same as mountains, but I would love a sunrise shot of Portland Head, or Camden Hills.

I would like to further focus on the local landscape. I spend so much time driving across Southern NH with my new job, I’d like to budget time to explore during the commute. I’d also like to challenge myself to control midday light as I’ve learned to during the golden hours in the morning and evening to diversify my portfolio.

Professionally, I’d like to expand my business model to be able to offer tours and/or workshop instruction. To accomplish this, I need to research insurance and liability. Uuugghh.

Lastly, beyond photography, I need to regain my fitness to make getting to some of these shots easier. My hiatus from photography during this past fall while adjusting to the new job has taken it’s toll, and I’ve pledged to get back at it.

Well, that ought a do it. I’ll refer back to here throughout the year to keep myself inspired, and I’m sure new projects will creep onto the list. And, I need to make sure that the list doesn’t limit flexibility, as living beyond the moment can lead to missed opportunities.

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