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Goal Setting in 2012

Goal setting is important. Keeping a strong focus on your goals is even more important.

Last year I set a long list of goals, and was rather successful at keeping many of them, partly because I wrote them down, posted them in a public place, and revisited them often. In the past year, I’ve gotten some dream shots in Tuckerman Ravine, on Mount Clay, and Mount Monroe. I spent time diversifying my style, shooting from my kayak, and moving into some wildlife shooting. And I continue to seek out the very best mountain scenes in New Hampshire in the very best light.

Some of my unfinished goals from 2011 will be a good start for 2012. Others are new goals that have evolved in my mind in the past year. These goals span the gamut of artistry and business aspirations, and all are centered around enjoying experiences in the outdoors and sharing it with a growing audience.

Goal #1: The Presidential Range.
These mountains remain the focus of my photographic work. They just strike me in a powerful way, and I’m driven to share their power. I need to see a strong sunrise from Mount Hight, and Mount Adams still. Conditions and schedule have not yet intersected into that magic scene I have envisioned. I want to spend more time up there in winter conditions, and am running a workshop on Mount Washington in March. Beyond that, I really want to share the delicate, fleeting beauty of the alpine blooms again this year…I want to spend time in the eastern drainages in summer… I want to find great light on the tundra in autumn. If all goes well, you’ll see some fresh takes on iconic scenes this year!

Goal #2: Get further from the road…
I have a good collection at this point of most of the easy to access viewpoints in the White Mountains. I want to explore deeper scenes. I’ve steered away from these scenes over the past couple years due to one main factor…maximizing time. It’s a risk to go deeper. You commit to a scene early in the day, and if it doesn’t pay off, you lose other opportunities that could have been made in changing conditions. But I’m at the point where the risks are worth it. I have a competent collection of the easy stuff. Time to take the risks! 

Goal #3: Wildlife…
I’m never going to be a prolific wildlife shooter. My gear is built for hiking and moving fast. I have lightweight gear, with great zoom range, and don’t see that changing. But there are great opportunities to shoot wildlife within 300mm of reach if I’m patient and persistent. I’ve had good success this past year with loons, moose, bear and owls. This year, I want to carve out more time…especially in the summer when the landscape inspires me less, to spend time with birds and animals. 

Goal #4: Sharing the experience…
Social media is amazing for building up a base of fans, and connecting with people who appreciate the view of New England that I work hard to share. My facebook page has been my default spot to share because it’s easy. But I need to branch out. I need to be more consistant with the blog. I need to establish a stronger presence in other venues, perhaps G+, 500px…who knows. Maybe that means working in an ebook format. Technology is making the world small, and I need to take advantage of that in networking and connections.

Under this same umbrella, I want to continue exploring the notion of leading workshops or small groups. Insurance costs seem initially prohibitive, but perhaps with some creativity or collaboration I can make them work.

Well…that should keep me busy, which is the point of this! Finding inspiration, and sharing where that inspiration find me will keep me busy in 2012.

Hope you continue to come along for the ride!

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