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The End Of Autumn…The Return to the Blog!

Hi All! It’s been a while!

Since early August, all of my writing and photography time has been focused on a blog that I maintained for YankeeFoliage.com. That gig has run it’s course and I am again returning to maintain my own blog through the winter and spring season.

This autumn was a challenge photographically, as many areas failed to see any real peak. There were areas of good color to be found, and I came away with a solid half dozen images that are definately going into the portfolio.

Morning Stretch

A Common Loon Stretches On Long Pond Before Dawn

My favorite shot of the season was this image of a loon stretching on Long Pond before daybreak. The composition was set, and I was patiently waiting on the first light to hit the hillside above the lake, when a family of loons moved through the frame. I adjusted my settings for a fast exposure, and in a burst of five shots, found this image on my card! It was a special moment to witness, and a lucky shot to pull off.

Much of my other new work, all with it’s own unique story can be seen at my ‘New Images Gallery’ on my website.

I hope to be able to bring many more special moments to you this winter, in my quest to capture the very best light and atmosphere in the New England landscape this coming season!

2 Responses to “The End Of Autumn…The Return to the Blog!”

  1. Mimi Katz says:

    So glad you’re back. Love that shot, love your work, love the Whites!

  2. Scott Snyder says:

    Glad your posting here again Jim. I’ve followed your blog for a couple years and always appreciate your new posts. Cheers ~Scott

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