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Wildflower season of confusion…

This season’s wildflowers are certainly following a different order and time frame from last year. Spring came about two weeks early last year, likely confusing the migrating birds and nature photographers alike. And there were consequences to this…an early May frost killed off most of the apple blossoms that were ahead of schedule…and a fall without apple picking ensued. This year, the time frame was more normal, but the lack of sun and abundance of rain threw off some of the clues and connections I like to see when I pick a location I think will be in bloom.

Example, this weekend at the Saco Heath. Last year, the bloom date for the rhodora was May 6th, and it’s peak was a few days after a more local bog, the Ponemah Bog, which I photographed in bloom as early as Late April last year. This year I followed the normal pattern, and arrived at the heath on the 14th, on a perfect morning to find…nothing!

I can’t say nothing. The leatherleaf, a small, non showy flower was everywhere. And it was misty, and beautiful, and a turkey nesting near the boardwalk scared the everything out of me (and likely I…it). I was happy with the shot I came away with, but I came away even more confused by the season.

Leatherleaf at Saco Heath

Leatherleaf at Saco Heath

Looking ahead at the forecast, I’ll be unlikely that I’ll get another morning like this in the heath this year. So, I’ll add it to the list for next year! And…I’ll look forward to some waterfalls coming up, as it looks like they’ll be running high for a while!

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