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Early Spring Wildflowers…

Wow, things change quickly in spring! A bit over a week ago, I was leading a backpacking trip to Lonesome Lake with nineteen high school students, and it snowed on us for three straight days. I then embarked upon a belated honeymoon to Costa Rica (leaving the good camera behind for the trip), and have returned to see the woodland spring ephemeral wildflowers racing to flower before the canopy closes in.

Lonesome Lake One Week Ago

Lonesome Lake One Week Ago

To take advantage of the now nice New Hampshire weather, and new growth, I went to Rumney yesterday to photograph some of my favorite flowers on an accessible rich slope. On the way, the grass was green, the forsythia was in bloom and the lilacs in bud, and the warblers were singing loudly. The blackflies are back too…but we’ll focus on positives.

Rumney Wildflower Community

Rumney Wildflower Community

Not only was the bloodroot out…it was almost past, and many of the second wave flowers were blooming as well. We found trout lilies, dutchman breeches, saxifrage, toothwort, as well as many emerging and flowering wake robin trillium. Most of these flowers I have no problem finding in other locations, but bloodroot I have a difficult time finding, so it was the focus of the day. It’s a rather large flower by early woodland standards…ranging one to two inches across. The plant has one symmetrical large leaf, which encloses the flower until it is ready to bloom…which only occurs in direct sunlight.

Bloodroot Pair...

Bloodroot Pair...

Over the next week, I’ll be stopping at a few favorite wildflower spots, and posting the resulting shots on my facebook page. I’ll be trying to shoot every day, because as we’ve seen over the past week…things change quickly, and the season is fleeting. Hope to see you out there!

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