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Top 14 Photos of Twenty Fourteen

Looking back always provides perspective.

A year ago, I was worried about finding balance.  I had a newborn at home, and I didn’t know how I was going to make time for everything that was important in my life.  The year was one of challenges, re-prioritization, steep learning and  immense joy.  It wasn’t always easy, but I believe I’ve again found that balance.  Our little one is a toddler, and we’re enjoying the challenges that parenting provides.  I’m perhaps most excited about  fostering a love of the outdoors in her.

My approach to photography has inevitably changed this year.  Photography was always something I could do at my leisure, but the concept of leisure simply cannot be the same any more.  Sneaking out for sunrise was always easy, but now it must be intensively coordinated.  Overnights, even harder.  While I’ve had less time in the field this year then ever, I’ve grown significantly in my ability to anticipate and previsualize, and I’ve fortunate that luck found me as well.

Because of this, I’ve come away with images that I’m incredibly proud of.  Shots that capture the very best of of New Hampshire’s light and landscape; magical moments that I continue to be fortunate to witness, and am glad to be able to share with all of you.

In chronological order, my favorite images from 2014:

#1: Hauling Traps Below Zero … New Castle, NH
On the coldest morning of the year, fellow photographer Jeff Sinon and I called a meetup on Facebook at Newcastle Common.  It was about -9F at sunrise, and over two dozen people joined us in one of the most spectacular displays of nature…seasmoke at dawn.

#2: Barn in the Blizzard … Brentwood, NH
I drive by this barn regularly, and had wanted a shot like this for years.  It just took the right conditions.  This snow squall was short lived and intense, and the atmosphere it created epitomizes winter in New England to me!

#3: Snowy Owl at First Light … Rye, NH
A tip of the hat to fellow photographer John Vose for letting me know about this bird, out of the way of the main rush that was the scene surrounding snowy owls in 2014.  We had a quiet moment photographing this bird at dawn…certainly one of the more special sunrises I’ve ever photographed.

#4: Tree Budding On Massabesic … Auburn, NH
I pass this scene every morning on the way into work, but rarely can stop at sunrise.  In April, the sun rises early enough to make it in after moments like this.

#5: Blank Canvas and Geese … Jefferson, NH
Dense Fog at Pondicherry NWR created a surreal scene at sunrise, where these two geese standing in shallow water were completely isolated in a world which had no sky, no foreground, no up nor down.  A truly great morning, until the bugs awoke as well!

#6: Storm Light Above Artists Bluff … Franconia, NH
I battled myself about whether this sunset would happen, and if I should focus on waterfalls under the cloudy skies.  In the end, I gambled, and was treated to one of my favorite sunsets of the year from this iconic location!

#7: Alpine Flowers at Dawn … Mount Washington, NH
The alpine zone in the Presidential Range is one of the most unique environments in the state.  While it looks desolate, lifeless and barren most of the year, it erupts into bloom briefly every summer, providing the most improbable display of beauty.  This scene is one I treat with most respect, never straying from the rocks for fear of crushing these fragile alpine refugees.

#8: Presidential Aplenglow Above Lupines … Randolph, NH
This was a generally down year for lupines in New Hampshire, but there were some beautiful patches to be found.  I photographed this amazing sunset with fellow photographer Adam Woodworth.

#9: Summer at Nissitissit Covered Bridge … Brookline, NH
I spent an amazing morning after a rainstorm capturing the swollen streams of southern New Hampshire, and found perfect conditions at this iconic New England scene.

#10: Aurora Above Mount Washington … Jackson, NH
A much anticipated solar event found me ready to spend the night at this vantage overlooking Mount Washington.  A crowd gathered right after sunset for what turned out to be an incredibly short lived, intense and amazing show.

#11: Sunrise Island in the Mist … Pittsburg, NH
My first photographic trip to the far northern portion of the state didn’t disappoint, and only leaves me dreaming of further possibilities next summer!

#12: Autumn Scene Through The Birches … Berlin, NH
The grand view at the shoreline is one of the best in the state, but I was entranced the partially obscured view through the birches along the path leading to the vantage.  This shot captures everything I love about autumn in New England!

#13: Autumn Sunset From Nubble Peak … Twin Mountain, NH
A vantage I’ve long dreamed of photographing, an isolated vantage from a peak with no trail to it, and an iconic view of Mount Washington.  A huge tip of the hat to Chris Whiton for guiding me there that night!

#14: Thanksgiving 2014 … Lee, NH
Sunrise after sticky snow is always beautiful, even if it was one of the most disruptive storms in recent memory.  No power and a full house for Thanksgiving…a great time to reflect on what’s important!


A sincere thank you to all those who follow my work for the praise, encouragement and support throughout the year.  It’s a privilege to be able to bring these views to you.

Here’s to a great 2015!


5 Responses to “Top 14 Photos of Twenty Fourteen”

  1. Joe G says:

    #12 screams “trail run” to me. lakeside, trees, rocks, scenery. awesome.

  2. Phil S says:

    A fantastic collection! Happy 2015 to you and I hope we can meet up and shoot together in the new year. Best to all your friends and family and fellow photographers!

  3. Chris Adams says:

    Good choices Jim!! Here’s to your next picks for 2015! Happy Light and Happy New Year!!

  4. Ruth Spencer says:

    Love that snowy owl picture. All your pictures make me homesick for NH.

  5. Joann Landers says:

    Amazing photos ! I love them all. Thank you for sharing !!

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